Writing Guidelines

  1. ICONTECH INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL publishes four issues in a year as in March, June, September, and December.
  2. The journal publishes original research articles in the field of Science and Technology that have not been published previously, original research articles that have been published only as an abstract in proceedings books, and also reviews articles that are suitable for the scope of the journal (an article in each issue). Letters to the editor are not accepted for publication.
  3. If the authors are the same in the manuscripts, only two of them are accepted for publication in the same issue.
  4. No royalty is paid to the authors.
  5. The authors are responsible for the scientific content of the manuscripts to be published.
  6. Article submissions are sent from (email address will be written).
  7. The research articles should be prepared in English, Turkish or Russian Language. Turkish or Russian articles must be added title, abstract and keywords in English along with the main language.  The paper structure should be: Title, Abstract,  Keywords, Introduction, Material and Methods, Findings, Discussion, Results and References. If requested “Results and “Discussion” can be written in a single title as “Results and Discussion”. The review articles, writing rules and process are the same as the research articles. Review articles should include at least 30 references, at least 75 % of which should be within the last 10 years and should not have been published in any other publication.
  8. The editorial board will add a Turkish version of the abstract of the paper submitted in English or Russian by foreign nationals. 
  9. The abstract must include information on objectives of the research; approach and methodology, and important research findings.  Do not use all uppercase for the title of your abstract.
  10. Abstracts should be written in English apart from manuscript and length is limited to a maximum of 200 words.
  11. Avoid from using author details, diagrams, references, and abbreviations except from commonly used ones in the manuscript.
  12. Provide relevant keywords to a maximum 4-6 words  leaving a linespacing after the abstract. Do not simply repeat words from the abstract title only.
  13. The full specific name; genus plus species, is italicized. Dots are used in the expression of decimals.
  14. "Figure" description contains graphs, photos, maps, pictures etc. while the other presentations of numbers in columns and rows are described as "Table". Tables and figures should not be embedded in the text, but should be included as separate pages. Color pictures or images should be submitted as separate files after adding a placeholder note in the running text.