Vibrating Particles System Algorithm: Overview, Modifications and Applications


  • Saman Almufti Computer Science & IT, Nawroz University



Metaheuristics, Metaheuristics Classifications, Vibrating Particles System, VPS


Real-world problems are difficult enough to encourages academics to develop innovative, effective problem-solving methods. Generally, metaheuristics algorithms that are  inspired by nature, biology, and physics have a flexibility and capacity to adapt to different situations, metaheuristics based on evolutionary computation algorithms have been widely employed to solve complicated, constrained/unconstrained, single/multiple objective, and Non-deterministic polynomial hard (NP-Hard) optimization problems.

This paper describes Vibrating Particles System (VPS) as a Physics Based metaheuristic algorithm inspired by the free vibration of an under-damping objects for solving complex and real-world optimization problems. Since the appearance of VPS many modifications for improving the performance of the algorithm and has been applied to various Applications in several fields. At the end of this paper, the improvements are listed.


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