Secure Network Design and Simulation Using Cisco Packet Tracer



CPT, Simulation, CCNA, CCENT, ASA


As the name implies, Cisco is the company that developed the tool known as Cisco Packet Tracer.   The users can practice on both basic and complex networks with this program.  The main goal of program (Cisco Packet Tracer) is to help users obtain practical networking experience and improve technology-specific skills.  The software does not act as hardware switches or routers because of the protocols are solely implemented in software.  In courses like CCNA and CCENT, lecturers utilize Cisco Packet Tracer to show network systems and technical ideas; hence using this program is advised. This program is used by students to complete their assignments, either on their own or in groups. In addition, French, German, Spanish, and Russian languages are available in Cisco Packet Tracer. With Cisco Packet Tracer, students may construct complex and large networks, which is frequently not possible with actual equipment due to cost. In order to compete internationally, the Faculty of Engineering must now create and put into practice a secure corporate network solution. This study shows develop network simulation for engineering faculty that is trustworthy, controllable, scalable, and useful. The multiple services that make up the business network as a whole are linked together in this study using the hierarchical network model. The simulation results showed that the authentication server receives http traffic from any user trying to access the network and directs it there to check their credentials before allowing access. This network topology served as the physical and logical foundation for the engineering faculty. The result also shows that the distribution switches, core routers, and integrated routers for the Cisco ASA (Adaptive Security Appliance) are configured correctly.




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