SCADA System for Next-Generation Smart Factory Environments


  • Enes Talha Tükez Izmir Katip Celebi University
  • Adnan KAYA Izmir Katip Celebi University



Control systems, SCADA, PLC, Data, Industry, Remote control, C#.Net


Today, in factories, production is spread into a wide area and became complicated. Complicated production requires a better monitoring and control system to improve efficiency. For this purpose, SCADA systems are used. SCADA systems allow industries to monitor, control and access to real-time data and data logging. Nowadays, all large-scale industries have SCADA systems. The cost of the SCADA system makes it unreachable for small and medium-size industries but a SCADA system that is designed by using C# programming language would be cheaper and could perform the same. In this study, a SCADA system has been developed to monitor and control the smart model factory system in AFSUAM. SCADA interface is created by using C# programming language and the communication between PLC and the SCADA is set by using Mitsubishi MX Component tool. With the developed SCADA system, the process of a product entering the factory as raw material, going through several processes and becoming a product from the supply chain to the distributor has been modeled on a sample marble factory model, and a graphical user interface has been created considering the purposes such as real-time monitoring, controlling, data logging and preventing errors in the context of this model.


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