Magnetic and Electrical Fields are not Invisible Fields but Real Mechanical Waves and vortices that shape throw Space Fabric Structure, Unified Theory of Gravity And Magnetism, The Physical Origin OF Lorentz Transformation


  • Ahmed Atteya independent researcher



quantum gravity


One of the fundamental forces in nature is the electromagnetic force which is responsible for attraction and repulsion forces between charged particles, this force is  consider until now invisible force and do not need medium shape in, I introduce this research for show new theory of electromagnetism and it flow throw space time fabric the same fabric gravity force shape throw, I will show in this research that all electromagnetic phenomena shape in the space time fabric structure and it is not invisible, we start that by prove new space time fabric physical property in  interaction with matter that the fabric resist matter movement with speed in it with drag force, thus any accelerated particle will produce mechanical wave follow it in space time fabric.

Then we redefine space fabric from information in Alquran ALkareem and it is not vacuum but kind of structure that filled with matter but that matter is even and smooth without separation between its particles and atoms like ordinary matter and its real name is asmaa. according to concept that space fabric medium resist matter speed by drag force we will re understand electromagnetism phenomena.

Electron has very fast spinning movement in space fabric this will create circular wave in space fabric around electron as it resist matter speed, this wave is real mechanical wave that has force, if another electron get near the first their waves will make the two electrons move away from each other by wave pressure this called now repulsion force between electron or electrons has  negative charge, we knew that atoms nucleus contain protons and neutrons and each contain three elementary particles called quarks, each quark has fast spin movement and will make circular wave around each one in space fabric, but quarks are close together by nuclear fore which is bigger than their waves repulsion force thus their waves will combined making big circular waves in space fabric around nucleus which known now as atom energy level or atoms orbits.

We will also show that magnetic fields are vortices or waves in space fabric that if we have direct current of electrons in wire all their circular electrons waves number will add together as electrons move similarly in same direction in wire make big circular real waves around wire in space fabric this is called now magnetic fields, and if we make this current of electron in wire alternative current, electron will move up and down making also their waves move up and down and due to space fabric physical properties this disturbance in space fabric will make transverse wave in space fabric structure moving away from wire with fixed speed depend on medium properties and this is called now electromagnetic waves, then  found that Maxwell conclude his electromagnetic forces equation based on same final results of this research.

We will also illustrate special relativity experiment in concept that space fabric resist particles speed and the more object speed increase in space fabric the more its internal elections normal speed decrease not that speed of light is the ultimate speed and we will find drag force equation on particle or object accelerated in pace fabric ,  and from Maxwell equations we will find that drag force from space fabric to particles speed proportional to this factor       which scientist Lorentz discover by pure numerical try and error .

We will also calculate space fabric drag force on electron moving in speed near light speed.

We also will know that the famous energy to mass relation come also from that drag force equation.

Finally we will apply our theory on light generation process and we will get new shape of light other than known today and that shape illustrate clearly why light has dual nature.


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