English Estimating Fatigue of Nr45 Natural Rubber Used in Crank Pulley


  • Cihangir Kaplan Kentpar Otomotiv
  • Cem Güleç
  • Mesut Arıkoğlu




NR45 Natural Rubber, Rubber Test, Estimated Fatigue, Torsional Vibration Damper


Rubber is used as a vibration damper in many engineering applications, especially in the automotive industry. Rubber is used to dampen torsional vibration in internal combustion engines. Therefore, crank pulleys are used to dampen the crankshaft in a certain frequency range. Rubber durability is very important for the crank pulley to perform its duty for a long time. In this study, the dynamic life of NR45 natural rubber with two different mixtures used in crank pulleys was determined by the prepared test approach. A metal-rubber component structure used in the slip test samples was formed and produced. The metal-rubber component is left to force the rubber in the vertical direction with its natural frequency and specified amplitude to simulate torsional vibration in crank pulleys. A test setup design was carried out to force the metal-rubber component at the determined frequency. In the study, life expectancy estimates based on amplitude and frequency were created on experimental data.


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