ICONTECH INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL https://icontechjournal.com/index.php/iij <p>ICONTECH INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL is open access, peer-reviewed, international indexed and refereed journal published by IEDSR ASSOCIATION. Its main objective is to provide an intellectual platform for the international scholars. It aims to promote scientific studies in science and technology and become the leading journal in the relevant field. </p> Icontech Scientific Studies Society en-US ICONTECH INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL 2717-7270 Smart Agent and it’s effect on Artificial Intelligence : A Review Study https://icontechjournal.com/index.php/iij/article/view/190 <p class="TableParagraph" style="text-align: justify; margin: 0in 5.05pt .0001pt .25pt;"><span style="font-family: 'Times New Roman',serif; color: black;">Current networking technologies, as well as the ready availability of large quantities of data and knowledge on the Internet-based Infosphere, offer tremendous opportunities for providing more abundant and reliable information to decision makers and decision support systems. The use of the Internet has increased at a breakneck pace. Some prevailing features of the Infosphere, however, have hindered successful use of the Internet by humans or decision support machine systems. To begin with, the information available on the internet is disorganized, multi-modal, and spread around the globe on server pages. Second, every day, the number and variety of data sources and services grows dramatically. In addition, the availability, type, and dependability of information services are all changing all the time. Third, the same piece of knowledge can be obtained from a number of different sources. Fourth, due to the complex existence of information sources and possible information updating and maintenance issues, information is vague and probably incorrect. As a result, collecting, filtering, evaluating, and using information in problem solving is becoming increasingly difficult for a human or computer device. As a consequence, identifying information sources, accessing, filtering, and incorporating data in support of decision-making, as well as managing information retrieval and problem-solving efforts of information sources and decision-making processes, has become a critical challenge. To fix this issue, the idea of "Intelligent Software Agents" has been suggested. Although a precise definition of an intelligent agent is still a work in progress, the current working definition is that Intelligent Software Agents are programs that act on behalf of their human users to perform laborious information gathering tasks such as locating and accessing information from various on-line information sources, resolving inconsistencies in the retrieved information, filtering out irrelevant data.</span></p> Renas Rajab Asaad Veman Ashqi Saeed Revink Masud Abdulhakim Copyright (c) 2021 ICONTECH INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-nd/4.0 2021-12-28 2021-12-28 5 4 1 9 10.46291/ICONTECHvol5iss4pp1-9 Traffic Congestion and Efficient Ways to Deal with It in Tbilisi, Georgia https://icontechjournal.com/index.php/iij/article/view/202 <p>Traffic Congestion has become a new version of plague for urbanized areas. Massive breakthroughs in technology, increasing in production of motorized cars, global reduction in prices for automobiles and the rapid population growth in Tbilisi, Georgia has led to the urgence of complete rearrangement of transportation system in the city.</p> <p>As a post-Soviet Union country, Georgia has had rudiments like “Marshrutkas” (privately owned minibuses) as a primary mode of transportation. Serious research and actions started in 2019 when sustainable urban mobility plan was introduced in Tbilisi; which favors public transport and pedestrians. In the course of this project one of the main avenues was converted into complete street model and hourly parking was introduced in the city centers. However, the problem regarding traffic jams still stands. This paper contributes to analyzing current situation in Tbilisi and suggesting suitable solutions. It will cover how reversible lanes, road pricing, signalized Intersections, reserved bus lanes and parking can be adapted to Tbilisi in order to reduce traffic jams.</p> Nino Kacharava Copyright (c) 2021 ICONTECH INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-nd/4.0 2021-12-28 2021-12-28 5 4 10 17 10.46291/ICONTECHvol5iss4pp10-17 PRIMARY EDUCATION IN TABRIZ CITY DURING THE GAJARS PERIOD https://icontechjournal.com/index.php/iij/article/view/203 <div><span lang="EN-US">Education was of religious character with schools and madrasahs in Tabriz, as in all Muslim cities during the Middle Ages and was based on the methodology of religious tenets. This type of education system dates back to the early years of Islam and was yet ongoing during its research period. Schools provided primary spiritual education, whereas madrasahs provided high religious education. The first madrasah in Iran was established in Tabriz. Literacy was taught and basic rules and regulations were applied at schools. They operated mainly within the mosques and the classes were held in zaviya (madrasah) and cell. The mosques performed numerous functions. They were not only places of worship (practicing namaz, listening to preaching, etc.), but also the place where Sharia laws are studied and propagated; holy war and peace declared; spoils of war are distributed; letters sent to the authorities; funerals held and where the other work was done. </span></div> Ilhama Mammadova Gulbala Copyright (c) 2021 ICONTECH INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-nd/4.0 2021-12-28 2021-12-28 5 4 18 23 10.46291/ICONTECHvol5iss4pp18-23 Yİ HE YUAN (SUMMER PALACE PARKI) KORUMA ÇALIŞMALARININ PEYZAJ TASARIMI AÇISINDAN DEĞERLENDİRİLMESİ https://icontechjournal.com/index.php/iij/article/view/204 <p><span style="vertical-align: inherit;"><span style="vertical-align: inherit;">Saray bahçelerinin tarihi M.Ö. </span><span style="vertical-align: inherit;">3. yüzyıla kadar uzanan bahçeler, zamanın ihtişamının ve saltanatının bir göstergesi haline gelmiş ve saray bahçelerinin mekânsal organizasyonu belirli dönemleri yansıtmıştır. </span><span style="vertical-align: inherit;">Bu çalışma, Pekin'de Yi He Yuan (Yazlık Saray Parkı) kurulması, tarihsel gelişiminin incelenmesi, mevcut durumunun incelenmesi ve peyzaj tasarımı açısından değerlendirilmesi, Çin park ve bahçelerinin tasarım ilkelerinin belirlenmesine yönelik bir çalışmadır. </span><span style="vertical-align: inherit;">Çalışma kapsamındaki veriler ışığında Yi He Yuan'ın (Yazlık Saray Parkı) açık-yeşil alan standartları, mevcut durumu, peyzaj mimarlığı ve tasarım ilkeleri açısından önerilerin belirlenmesi amaçlanmaktadır. Çin Parkları ve bahçeleri.</span></span></p> Mahİre ÖZÇALIK Copyright (c) 2021 ICONTECH INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-nd/4.0 2021-12-28 2021-12-28 5 4 24 32 10.46291/ICONTECHvol5iss4pp24-32 PROBLEMS IN THE COLLABORATION AMONG MINISTRIES IN THE CONTROL FOR CITY, ENVIRONMENTAL AND PUBLIC HEALTH, ANIMAL HEALTH AND ANIMAL WELFARE OF STRAY ANIMALS, AND SOLUTION PROPOSALS https://icontechjournal.com/index.php/iij/article/view/189 <p>Cats and dogs wandering are also considered stray animal in our country as is all over the world. The reasons, such as uncontrollable increase of stray animals that their existence does not welcome in terms of environmental and human health, abandonment of privately owned animals, abandoning baby animals of privately owned animals on the street, gradually increase the number of stray animals. Thus, it is a matter of living together with humans. In the circumstances, their health and welfare directly concerns humans.</p> <p>Animal welfare is included among considerable issues present in the principles of European Union negotiation status. Animal Welfare Committee established in England has published the five articles in the form of ‘‘1- not depriving animals of their needs in the manner of starve, thirst etc., 2- not making animals feel uncomfortable with the environmental conditions, 3- protecting of animals from hit, injury and diseases causing ache and pain, 4- ability to exhibit their normal behaviors of animals, 5- protection of animals from fear and stress in the context of animal rights in 1993.</p> <p>Animal welfare can be described as meeting comfortable, calmly, healthy and easy living for animals. In the context of this report, principally, besides general information for welfare of stray animals in the world countries, insufficient practices for protecting animal welfare were discussed in the countries such as Armenia, Azerbaijan, Albania, Moldova, and Ukraine, especially located near our geographical area. In addition, brief knowledge was given from the advanced studies in the countries such as Finland, Netherland, Italy, Germany, England, and France. Brief knowledge was presented on the solution proposals by scrutinizing the current situation and the problems for practices concerning welfare of stray animals and registering them, and establishment of electronic information system of Ministry of Inferior, Ministry of Forestry and Water Affairs, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock in our country.</p> ALİ BİLGİLİ Copyright (c) 2021 ICONTECH INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-nd/4.0 2021-12-28 2021-12-28 5 4 33 43 10.46291/ICONTECHvol5iss4pp33-43