Investigation of the Use of Pink Pigment Obtained by Using Different Mineralizers in Wall Tile Glaze Recipes



Pigment, mineralizator, color


Oxide and pigment components are used in the colouring of glazes applied to ceramic products. Pigment production process is a complex process involving different stages. Pigment production process, such as grinding, mineraliser addition and calcination are the most important parameters in the emergence of colour. The rapid firing process in the wall tile production process affects the colour intensity and colour quality of the pigment component used in the glaze recipe in the final product.

In this research, pigments were produced using Ca-borate and Mg-sulfate mineralizers, and their impact on pigment synthesis was examined. The glazes exhibited colors ranging from pink to light brown, dependent on the pigment composition.  The choice of mineralizer had a notable effect on the crystal structure of the pigments. The Lab* values of the glazes were measured using a spectrophotometer. Characterization of the pigments was conducted through XRD and SEM-EDX analysis, respectively.


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