Availability of Annual Rings in The Detection of Ca Concentration in The Air and Its Relationship with Traffic Density


  • Hatice Çobanoğlu Düzce University
  • Hakan Şevik Kastamonu University
  • İsmail Koç Düzce University




Heavy metal, Biomonitor, Calcium, Macronutrient, Annual ring


Calcium (Ca), in the macronutrient class, is an essential element for plant growth, development, and physiology. It is also a heavy metal. Some heavy metals can be highly harmful, toxic, and carcinogenic to living beings, even at low concentrations. As with other heavy metals, it is stated that Ca element can be harmful to ecosystems and living things within these ecosystems if it exceeds threshold concentrations. Therefore, it is crucial to determine the variation in the calcium element concentration in the air over the years.

Measurements were made on a log taken from the trunk of a 39-year-old cedar tree in Kastamonu city center, and the changes in calcium concentration due to organ and traffic-induced pollution were investigated. Within the scope of the study, Ca concentrations were determined in the road-facing (outer bark) and inward-facing (inner bark) parts of the tree's bark and the wood of different ages. As a result, it was determined that the Ca concentration in the organs was ranked as outer bark>inner bark>wood, while the transfer of this element between organs was minimal. Therefore, it can be said that Cedar wood is a suitable biomonitor for monitoring Ca. In addition, it was determined that the calcium concentrations in the organs did not change due to traffic but increased yearly.


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