ICONTECH INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL 2021-06-28T00:00:00+06:00 Editor Open Journal Systems <p>ICONTECH INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL is open access, peer-reviewed, international indexed and refereed journal published by IEDSR ASSOCIATION. Its main objective is to provide an intellectual platform for the international scholars. It aims to promote scientific studies in science and technology and become the leading journal in the relevant field. </p> Structural Characterization of Thermally Stabilized Poly(acrylonitrile) Fibers by Means of X-ray Diffraction, FT-IR Spectroscopy, and TGA Analysis 2021-04-20T20:06:08+06:00 TUBA DEMIREL Md. Mahbubor Rahman Ismail KARACAN <p>The structure and effects of thermally stabilized PAN original fibers were characterized utilizing a mixture of volume density, color change observations, flame tests, X-ray diffraction (XRD), infrared spectroscopy (FT-IR), and thermogravimetric analysis (TGA) measurements. The results obtained from the analysis of XRD work showed the conversion of the original molecular structure from a highly laterally ordered condition to a disordered amorphous structure. The experimental results acquired from FT-IR analysis indicated rapid and concurrent aromatization and dehydrogenation reactions assisted by the formation of oxygen-containing functional groups. TGA analysis showed a carbon yield of 72% at 1000 °C. The application and use of NH<sub>4</sub>Br pretreatment are expected to increase the productivity of carbon fiber processing at lowered cost by significantly reducing the processing time necessary for the successful completion of thermal stabilization reactions.</p> 2021-06-28T00:00:00+06:00 Copyright (c) 2021 ICONTECH INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL Kedi ve Köpeklerde Deri Mantar Enfeksiyonlarının İnsanlarda Oluşturduğu Sağlık Riskleri, Kontrol ve Sağaltım Seçenekleri 2021-04-21T15:10:19+06:00 Başak Hanedan ALİ BİLGİLİ Muhammet Haydar Uysal <p>Dermatophytoses are superficial fungal infections caused by dermatophytes affecting structures such as skin, hair, nail in growing under hot, humidity conditions and unhygienic environments. It is known that fungal infections of skin and nail affect 20-25% of the world population. Dermatophyte type commonly seen in cats and dogs is primarily <em>Microsporium canis</em> (<em>M. canis</em>), and they carry other species such as <em>M. nanum</em>, <em>M. gypseum</em>, <em>Trichophyton mentagrophytes (T. mentagrophytes), T. terrestre</em> as well. Healthy domestic cats and dogs are reservoirs of infection and generally carriers of <em>M. canis</em>. They cause fungal lesions on skin and head region by transmission to humans in contact with contaminated environment and animals. Any disease in the body, poor nutrition, high temperature, humidity, trauma of the skin, skin injury due to ectoparasites, overcrowded and unhygienic contiditions are risk factors leading to dermatophytosis. In the context of this review, in the light of mentioned knowledge, brief knowledge was given about occupation groups at risk, especially veterinarians, including persons involved with livestock raising, owners of cats and dogs, veterinary technicians, and dairymen. The importance of disease and the current condition were discussed by presenting prevalence data of dermatophytosis in animals and humans in recent years in Turkey and the world. Furthermore, brief knowledge was given based on recent scientific sources for clinical signs, diagnosis, treatment choices and protection and control methods of disease.</p> 2021-06-28T00:00:00+06:00 Copyright (c) 2021 ICONTECH INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL A Study on Instruction Formats on Computer Organization and Architecture 2021-04-06T20:27:29+06:00 Renas Rajab Asaad <p>In this article, we'll learn about the concepts of instruction organized in computer organization. On the premise of accessibility of ALU operands sorts of CPU organization is moreover endorsed in this article. When the constructing agent forms an Instruction it changes over the instruction from its memory helpers shape to standard machine language format called the "Instruction organize". Within the preparation of change, the constructing agent must decide the sort of instruction, change over typical names and express documentation to a base/displacement organize, decide the lengths of certain operands, and parse any strict and constants. An instruction arrangement characterizes the format of bits of instruction, in terms of its constituent parts. An instruction arrangement must incorporate an opcode and verifiably or unequivocally, zero or more operands. Each unequivocal operand is referenced utilizing one of tending to modes. Arrange must, certainly or unequivocally, show tending to the mode for each operand. For most instruction sets, more than on instruction used.</p> 2021-06-28T00:00:00+06:00 Copyright (c) 2021 ICONTECH INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL The Impact of Scientific Discussion - Oriented Education on Understanding and Preventing Stigma in Nursıng Students 2021-04-20T23:15:48+06:00 Nilgün Ulutaşdemir Nurşen KULAKAÇ Sevda UZUN <p>This study was conducted to determine the effect of scientific discussion-oriented education on the level of stigma understanding and Prevention of students in nursing department. Semi-experimental pre-test-final test the universe of the control group study was composed of 104 students enrolled in Psychiatric Nursing at a State University. The students experiment (n=21) and intervention (n=21). Data in the study was collected with the question form and stamping scale developed by researchers as a data collection tool. The test group had a decrease in the last test score and this decrease was found to be a statistically significant difference (p=0.001). Although the control group had a decrease in the final test score, there was no statistically significant difference between the first test and the final test scores (p = 0.765). It has been found that scientific discussion-oriented education has an effect on the level of understanding and prevention of stigma of the students studying in the nursing department and it is suggested that this practice should be used in nursing education</p> 2021-06-28T00:00:00+06:00 Copyright (c) 2021 ICONTECH INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL The novel Social Spider Optimization Algorithm: Overview, Modifications, and Applications 2021-04-06T20:26:21+06:00 Saman Almufti <p>The continues in real-world problems increasing &nbsp;complexity motivated computer scientists and researchers to search for more-efficient problem-solving strategies. Generally &nbsp;natural Inspired, Bio Inspired, Metaheuristics based on evolutionary computation and swarm intelligence algorithms have been frequently used for solving complex, real-world optimization problems because of their ability to adjust to variety of conditions. This paper present a &nbsp;swarm based algorithm that is based on the cooperative behaviors between social spider, it called Social Spider Optimization (SSO) algorithm. In SSO, search agents characterize a set of spiders which together move according to a biological behavior in colony. During the past years after SSO introduction, many modifications has improved the performance of the algorithm and has been applied in several fields. In this paper, the improvements, and applications of the SSO are reviewed.</p> 2021-06-28T00:00:00+06:00 Copyright (c) 2021 ICONTECH INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL THE ROLE OF THE INTERNATIONAL HUMAN RIGHTS MOVEMENT IN THE PHILIPINES AMIDST THE PANDEMIC: Contributing factors, and mitigating measures 2021-04-07T12:29:57+06:00 Dr. Froilan Mobo <p>Many individuals suffer from human abuses like human trafficking, drug related concerns which are protected by powerful and influential people who are connected in the government which resulted to corruption and poverty in the philippines.&nbsp; There is a need to reform these wrong practices which are experienced by the majority of our constituents. So the Humanitarian Group plays a vital role in this situation by ensuring and monitoring the Sustainability, Growth, and Development of our Community in transforming nation-building.</p> 2021-06-28T00:00:00+06:00 Copyright (c) 2021 ICONTECH INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL Multi-Classification of Fetal Health Status Using Extreme Learning Machine 2021-06-11T21:47:22+06:00 Ömer KASIM <p>Cardiotocography (CTG) is used for monitoring the fetal heart rate signals during pregnancy. Evaluation of these signals by specialists provides information about fetal status. When a clinical decision support system is introduced with a system that can automatically classify these signals, it is more sensitive for experts to examine CTG data. In this study, CTG data were analysed with the Extreme Learning Machine (ELM) algorithm and these data were classified as normal, suspicious and pathological as well as benign and malicious. The proposed method is validated with the University of California International CTG data set. The performance of the proposed method is evaluated with accuracy, f<sub>1</sub> score, Cohen kappa, precision, and recall metrics. As a result of the experiments, binary classification accuracy was obtained as 99.29%. There was only 1 false positive.&nbsp; When multi-class classification was performed, the accuracy was obtained as 98.12%.&nbsp; The amount of false positives was found as 2. The processing time of the training and testing of the ELM algorithm were quite minimized in terms of data processing compared to the support vector machine and multi-layer perceptron. This result proved that a high classification accuracy was obtained by analysing the CTG data both binary and multiple classification.</p> 2021-06-28T00:00:00+06:00 Copyright (c) 2021 ICONTECH INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL