ICONTECH INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL 2022-09-25T00:00:00+00:00 Nurlan AKHMETOV Open Journal Systems <p>ICONTECH INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL is open access, peer-reviewed, international indexed and refereed journal published by IEDSR ASSOCIATION. Its main objective is to provide an intellectual platform for the international scholars. It aims to promote scientific studies in science and technology and become the leading journal in the relevant field. </p> Vibrating Particles System Algorithm: Overview, Modifications and Applications 2022-09-08T08:44:04+00:00 Saman Almufti <p>Real-world problems are difficult enough to encourages academics to develop innovative, effective problem-solving methods. Generally, metaheuristics algorithms that are &nbsp;inspired by nature, biology, and physics have a flexibility and capacity to adapt to different situations, metaheuristics based on evolutionary computation algorithms have been widely employed to solve complicated, constrained/unconstrained, single/multiple objective, and Non-deterministic polynomial hard (NP-Hard) optimization problems.</p> <p>This paper describes Vibrating Particles System (VPS) as a Physics Based metaheuristic algorithm inspired by the free vibration of an under-damping objects for solving complex and real-world optimization problems. Since the appearance of VPS many modifications for improving the performance of the algorithm and has been applied to various Applications in several fields. At the end of this paper, the improvements are listed.</p> 2022-09-25T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2022 Icontech International Journal Quantum Chemical Characterization of 4-({4-[Bis(2-Cyanoethyl)Amino]Phenyl}Diazinyl)Benzene Sulfonamide by Ab-Initio Calculation 2022-09-06T05:35:06+00:00 Arini Qurrata Ayun Pinar Tunay Tasli Hasan Huseyin Kart Sevgi Ozdemir Kart <p>4-({4-[Bis(2-cyanoethyl)amino]phenyl}diazinyl)benzene sulfonamide is the azo dye material which has general application in the textile industry.&nbsp; Experimentally, it has been synthesized and geometrically characterized by G. Gervasio et <em>al</em>. In this study, the theoretical analysis has been calculated by using the ab-initio method based on the Density Functional Theory/B3LYP/6-311G(d,p) to characterize the structural, spectroscopy, and electronic properties of the title azo dye. Its molecular geometries are in good agreement with those of available experimental data. 129 vibrational modes have been specified with stretching, in-plane-bending, out-of-plane-bending, and torsion vibration modes by the Potential energy Distribution analysis. The ultraviolet spectra appear in a single peak for six common solvation at 429 nm. The Gauge-Invariant Atomic Orbital approach has been applied to predict the chemical shifts of <sup>1</sup>H and <sup>13</sup>C NMR only in DMSO solvation. The electronic properties have been investigated such as the energy bandgap (3.34 eV), ionization potential energy (6.24 eV), electron affinity (2.90 eV), electronegativity (4.57 eV), and chemical hardness (1.67 eV) by using the Frontier Molecular Orbital Theory from the energy interaction of the Lowest Unoccupied Molecular Orbital and Highest Occupied Molecular Orbital. The characterization of the title azo dye is conducted theoretically for the first time in this study.</p> 2022-09-25T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2022 Icontech International Journal The Relationship Between University Students' Covid-19 Knowledge, Attitude and Health Behaviors and Anxiety Levels and Other Effective Factors 2022-09-06T05:38:50+00:00 Gönül Gökçay Ayşe Çevirme <p>The aim of this study is to determine the relationship between university students' knowledge, attitudes and health behaviors towards physical activity and nutrition about COVID-19 and their anxiety levels and other effective factors. Cross-sectional study; It was conducted with 1074 students studying at a state university in Turkey in the spring semester of 2020-2021. As a data collection tool; Socio-demographic information questionnaire, COVID-19 information form, general attitude and behavior form towards COVID-19, Healthy Eating Attitude Scale (SBIAS), Healthy Lifestyle Behaviors (HLB) “physical activity” sub-dimension and DAS-42 Scale “anxiety” ” sub-dimension is used. Research data were evaluated with SPSS 26.0 package program. Number, percentage, mean, standard deviation, t test, anova test (LSD and Bonferroni test) and correlation analysis were used to evaluate the data. Statistical significance level was accepted as p&lt;.05. Students; 57.23±20.39 from the total of SBITS; they scored 16.14±6.64 for physical activity and 8.52±10.30 for anxiety. It has been determined that the level of knowledge of the students about COVID-19 is above average, and almost 89% of them have a positive attitude towards COVID-19. Healthy life behaviors of students; they reported low daily water consumption rates, less than half of them had a high attitude towards nutrition, their physical activity levels were below medium, and more than half of them reported anxiety symptoms. It was determined that anxiety was not associated with attitudes towards healthy eating and physical activity, but there was a weak positive relationship between attitudes towards healthy eating and physical activity. Suggestions were made in line with the results.</p> 2022-09-25T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2022 ICONTECH INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL Determination of the Yield and Quality of Some Bread Wheat Genotypes in Different Locations 2022-09-06T05:44:35+00:00 İsmail Naneli <p>The study was carried out to determine the yield and quality characteristics of some bread wheat genotypes in Kaynarca and Taraklı locations. The research was carried out with 37 bread wheat (<em>Triticum aestivum L.</em>) genotypes in the vegetation period of 2020-2021. The research was established according to the Random Blocks Trial Design with three replications. Plant height (cm), grain yield (kg/da), hectoliter weight (kg/hl) parameters were investigated. Significant differences were detected between locations and genotypes in the specified parameters. In terms of grain yield, Acar, Altuğ, Kıraç 66, Bezostaja, Krasunia Odeska, Adalı, Alada, Kate A1 genotypes were higher in terms of grain yield in Kaynarca location, while Altuğ genotype came to the fore in Taraklı location. In terms of hectoliter weight, in Kaynarca location, in Kate A1, Kaynarca, Nacibey, Arifbey, Flamura 85, Falado, Tigre, Esperia, Kıraç 66, Tosunbey, Adalı genotypes, in Taraklı location in Arifbey, Falado, Tahirova, Esperia, Beşköprü, Gelibolu, Momtchil, Kenanbey genotypes high values ​​have been determined. In terms of yield and quality, Kate A1 and Adalı genotypes were prominent in Kaynarca location, while Esperia and Beşköprü genotypes were found to be high in Taraklı location.</p> 2022-09-25T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2022 Icontech International Journal In Vitro Studies on Different Parts of Trigonella cylindracea Desv.: Antimicrobial and Antibiofilm Avtivities 2022-09-06T05:47:25+00:00 Şerife Selma Uras Güngör Zehra Öksüz <p>The aim of this study is to investigate, the antimicrobial and antibiofilm activities of ethanol extract prepared from the seeds, aerial parts and seed coats of <em>Trigonella cylindracea</em> Desv. Antimicrobial activity was determined by using standard microdilution method by five reference bacteria and three reference fungal strains. In addition, the effects of <em>P. aeruginosa</em> on biofilm formation and preformed biofilm were investigated by crystal violet staining method. Although the antimicrobial activity of ethanolic extracts on the yeasts included in the study (125-62.5 µg/mL) was slightly better than on bacteria (250-125 µg/mL), it was found that they generally showed moderate and low antimicrobial activity. Biofilm tests have shown that seed coat extract can reduce biofilm formation by 50% at sub-MIC (0.5X). It was also determined that the seed and seed coat extracts were able to reduce the preformed biofilm by 50% above the MIC (2X). In conclusion, our findings reveal that ethanolic extracts obtained from different parts of <em>T. cylindracea</em> have antibiofilm potential although their antimicrobial potentials are low/moderate. The literature review showed that the antimicrobial and antibiofilm potential of <em>T. cylindracea</em> was investigated for the first time in this study. Therefore, our findings provide important preliminary data to the literature on the antimicrobial and antibiofilm activity of this species.</p> 2022-09-25T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2022 ICONTECH INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL An Interior Suggestion on the Hermaphrodithism of Grouper Fish on the Basis of Biomimicry Design 2022-09-06T05:49:51+00:00 Mertcan Öztekin <p>Biomimicry in design, in its simplest form, is taking a decision from nature. Design inspirations focus more on nature while renewing and advancing from the past to the present. This design concept and application approach, which started especially after the second half of the 1900s, turned into a method that was adopted and applied even more in the 2000s. Data belonging to nature, which are reflected in the design as a concept, can be reflected on the form as well as conceptually. Within the scope of the study, the hermaphrodite characteristic of grouper fish was taken as a basis. Hermaphrodite is the condition of carrying the double sex characteristics seen in the living ecosystem. When this situation is considered within the biomimicry design perspective; As a result of today's modernizing and changing life phenomena, it can be interpreted by using both male (masculine) characteristics and female (feminine) characteristics together. It can create a genderless neutral depiction that carries both genders and thus appeals to both directions. The design field, more specifically interior spaces, can be rationalized with this view. In the study, which was handled within the scope of the qualitative research method, an interior space proposal was made in terms of providing genderless use in both directions and breaking the gender-based use of an interior within the framework of hermaphrodite border. On the basis of the biomimicry design concept, this space proposal, which is associated with the hermaphrodite feature of grouper fish and will provide a genderless use by expanding the gender boundary, creates functionality and universality. In addition, the space, which has both a rational and conceptual counterpart, symbolizes the hermaphrodite design proposal.</p> 2022-09-25T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2022 Icontech International Journal Development of a New Method for Production of Colored Melange Yarn 2022-09-06T06:05:16+00:00 Gamze Sakallı Özbal Bayram Taş Mehmet Alican Elif Şener Yasemin Dülek <p>Today, there are products in different colors/patterns/sizes produced and used in home textiles in different ways. Especially rich results can be obtained with the variety of raw materials and the wowen fabrics produced from these raw materials. In terms of consumers, it is a very important factor that the products they buy appeal to their pleasure visually, apart from their functional features. In the textile sector, fancy yarns have an important position at this point. Melange yarns, which are included in the fancy yarn group, offer a wide range of consumer portfolio for fabrics produced with these yarns, as they combine different color transitions in one yarn and there is no limit to diversification. However, considering the production methods and process steps, there are risky methods that can affect the properties of the final product. At the same time, these methods are costly and not fast methods. The aim of this study is to eliminate these risks and to produce melange faster and at lower cost. Tikentin (thick and thin) yarn was preferred as raw material. Linen like yarns, known as Tikentin yarn (thick and thin), are used to make fabrics made of synthetic yarns look like fabrics made from natural yarns and to give them a melange appearance. As the production process, the feature of adjusting the winding tension of the yarn transfer machine was used. Thus, while eliminating the risks of different fiber groups in production and taking advantage of the winding speed change feature of the yarn transfer machine, a melange appearance was obtained from a single yarn, while at the same time, melange yarn was obtained with a low cost and fast production method.</p> 2022-09-25T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2022 ICONTECH INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL Examining the Chemical Compositions of Mineral Concrete Agents in Terms of Their Environmental Effects 2022-09-06T05:57:59+00:00 Hakan Şevik Ibrahim Saleh Ibrahim Elajail <p>The increase in population throughout the world and the concentration of population in urban areas in the recent century necessitated the construction of new buildings in urban areas. These buildings are mainly the reinforced concrete buildings and the main component is concrete. Concrete consists of different additives. Nowadays, many studies are carried out on the concrete agents because of the extensive use of concrete. However, there are only very few studies carried out on the chemical contents of these additives. There is an important lack of information about the chemical content of these agents and it creates a lack of knowledge about the environmental effects of construction operations, as well as the health of individuals working in this industry.</p> <p>In the present study, the concentrations of Ga, Ag and Li which are among the heavy metals that are very harmful to human health, in several additives used as concrete agents were investigated. The results achieved showed that, in several types of cement and several agents such as blast furnace slag and copper slag, the concentrations of heavy metals could reach up to 236.139 ppm for Ga, 7401,9 ppb for Ag, and 1390.689 ppm for B. It might pose a significant danger to the individuals working in this industry and the environmental health.</p> 2022-09-25T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2022 Icontech International Journal Availability of Annual Rings in The Detection of Ca Concentration in The Air and Its Relationship with Traffic Density 2022-09-06T05:52:24+00:00 Hatice Çobanoğlu Hakan Şevik İsmail Koç <p>Calcium (Ca), in the macronutrient class, is an essential element for plant growth, development, and physiology. It is also a heavy metal. Some heavy metals can be highly harmful, toxic, and carcinogenic to living beings, even at low concentrations. As with other heavy metals, it is stated that Ca element can be harmful to ecosystems and living things within these ecosystems if it exceeds threshold concentrations. Therefore, it is crucial to determine the variation in the calcium element concentration in the air over the years.</p> <p>Measurements were made on a log taken from the trunk of a 39-year-old cedar tree in Kastamonu city center, and the changes in calcium concentration due to organ and traffic-induced pollution were investigated. Within the scope of the study, Ca concentrations were determined in the road-facing (outer bark) and inward-facing (inner bark) parts of the tree's bark and the wood of different ages. As a result, it was determined that the Ca concentration in the organs was ranked as outer bark&gt;inner bark&gt;wood, while the transfer of this element between organs was minimal. Therefore, it can be said that Cedar wood is a suitable biomonitor for monitoring Ca. In addition, it was determined that the calcium concentrations in the organs did not change due to traffic but increased yearly.</p> 2022-09-29T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2022 ICONTECH INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL